Solar Azimuth/Altitude Calculator

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Solar azimuth 172.7 degrees.
Solar altitude 46.4 degrees.
Observer Solar Time = 11.67 hours.
Observer Hour Angle = -5.02 degrees.

Declination Angle = -1.31 degrees.
Current EOT = 525 seconds.

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2. Sunrise and sunset occur at a solar elevation of roughly -0.83 degrees. This accounts for refraction and the diameter of the solar disk.
3. No correction is applied for the observerís elevation or the elevation of the observerís horizon. These factors are highly dependent upon local terrain.
4. No correction is applied to solar altitude for refraction. Refraction is a little over half a degree at the horizon dropping to zero directly overhead.
5. Time Zone is the number of hours the local time zone is offset from UTC(GMT), negative to the west and positive to the east.
Standard times are EST=-5, CST=-6, MST=-7 and PST=-8.
Daylight times are EDT=-4, CDT=-5, MDT=-6 and PDT=-7.
6. EOT (Equation of Time) accounts for difference between the clock (mean time) and the position of the sun (solar time).
This variation is caused by the fact that the earth's orbit is elliptical and the earth is tilted on its axis.
7. At Solar Noon all of the following is true: The sun is at it's highest altitude for the day, the sun is due south (180 degrees),
solar time is 12:00 and the Hour Angle is zero.

You wish to know the sun position at 6:00 AM on 5/14/2007 at Ames, Iowa. Enter the Ames latitude and longitude in degrees (42.03 Lat, -93.62 Lon).
Ames is in the central time zone and on daylight savings time for the specified date so it's time zone is -5 hours.
Therefore enter the date 2007, 5, 14; the time 6, 0, 0; and the time zone -5. Then click Compute.